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Who are the religious right? Am I one of them?

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Colbert will tell you who the religious right is.

So, it seems to me, as compared to the last two elections (I can only remember so far back) that religion seems to be quite the talking point this time around. And the more and more I read/watch/osmosify I find more and more of a mention of a ‘Religious Right’, some hyper-powerful conglomerate of voters that needs must be appeased in order to… blah blah blah etc.

Now, I for one don’t really identify with any of the published ideology of the so-called ‘Religious Right’ (Are they self-declared group and I’m just missing an invite?). From what the mainstream media tells me about their antics, I’m far too liberal for their tastes, but in my own sphere, I consider myself to be quite the moderate. Yes, I am a religious man, and a faithful one at that, but does that place me into the ranks of intolerant, bigoted, closed-minded Christians that the pundits and the internet tell me make up my voting demographic?

This is what I’ve been ‘told’ so far: (And when I use the term ‘we’ I refer to the entire group)

Name: ‘Religious Right’, ‘Christian Conservatives’, ‘Evangelicals’, or just plain ol ‘Christians’

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Written by canasian

February 1, 2008 at 9:01 pm